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Amber Rose Talks Kanye West’s “Blame Game” Song Not Being Fully About Her (VIDEO)

Most the world was first introduced to Amber Rose as the silent girlfriend Hip Hop star Kanye West.

After the couple parted ways, Kanye appeared to break down what caused the end the relationship on his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In particular, the track “Blame Game” was viewed as a retelling West and Rose’s dysfunctional time together.

Ye says on the song:

He later says:

Many Kanye fans believed he was specifically talking about Rose in those lines.

However, the SlutWalk organizer spoke about her ex-boyfriend and his “Blame Game” song while appearing on Everyday Struggle.

“In all my relationships, I’ve been hurt. I have been the one that has been heartbroken,” stated Rose when ES host Joe Budden cautioned her about not hurting her current beau 21 Savage. “I have never cheated on any my boyfriends. I have never went behind their backs.”

When DJ Akademiks questioned Rose about Kanye seemingly blaming her on MBDTF for their breakup, the author/TV personality responded, “It’s art.”

She added, “I’m sure he said sh-t pertaining to other pieces in life that didn’t have sh-t do with me. It was like, ‘Her brother’s on coke.’ I have two little brothers. They’re kids, so that wasn’t true… Everyone else thought it was just about me, and it wasn’t.”

Amber Rose did admit she is happy to be part the “cool” Hip Hop moment that was created around Kanye’s critically acclaimed fifth studio LP.

But she also divulged that it was an extremely difficult time in her life during the period following their split.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is widely considered Kanye West’s magnum opus.

The project is certified platinum by the RIAA, and it won the Best Rap Album honor at the 54th Grammy Awards.