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Check Out Dirtyphonics and RIOT’s Crazy New Track "Got Your Love"

If you’re a fan dubstep then you’re going to love this.

Dirtyphonics and RIOT have combined their legendary talents to create the hellacious track "Got Your Love" that is sure to send chills down your spine.

With a perfect mixture both their styles and synth work, the duo has created a truly unique and dynamic piece music. The track starts f with a melodic buildup with spaced out vocals which abruptly changes into a powerful buildup. Then their drop “sets the place on fire,” with a powerful display hard hitting bases and wonderfully tailored reverb tails. It even has a break in the middle the drops which momentarily switches to screechy moombahton. No true basshead could pass this song over, so be sure to listen to it below!

Also, follow Dirtryphonics and RIOT on their social media outlets for updates on future releases. Trust me you're not going to want to sleep on these two.


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