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Is Chance the Rapper the Savior of SoundCloud?

The media has been buzzing lately about the downfall one our favorite music streaming platforms, SoundCloud.

Rumors spread that the site would only be available for 50 more days, leaving many artists without a way to share their passion with the world. But Chance the Rapper, everyone’s favorite independent artist, had something to say regarding this matter.

After a tweet from Chance describing a “very fruitful call” with SoundCloud’s co-founder and CEO, Alex Ljung, it has been announced that SoundCloud will be staying in the business for now. Chance tweeted prior that he was “working on the SoundCloud thing” and within 24 hours tweeted again saying that the issue has been resolved, SoundCloud is here to stay. These claims were backed up when SoundCloud released the below tweet shortly after.

Whether Chance invested in SoundCloud, inspired the to keep going, or gave them the secret to success, it doesn’t really matter because they are here to stay! Soundcloud is an outlet for artists, big and small, to connect through one common love, music. Thank you Chance for saving one the most important music streaming services that the market has to fer.