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Ookay and Fox Stevenson Team up to Create “Lighthouse”

Collaborations are commonplace in dance music. It’s gotten to the point where careers have been made with the right team up. It’s hard to find a notable producer that hasn’t collaborated with somebody else at some point in their career. While some producers like to stay within their lane (genre wise) when picking collaborators, others like to take route far less traveled. A great example an unexpected team up is Ooaky and Fox Stevenson for their track, “Lighthouse.”

Between Ooaky’s dubstep and trap infused background with Fox Stevenson’s DnB influence, the pair bring us a track that calls on the producers’ influences but also expands into territory not regularly heard by either producer. Lighthouse starts f with a st spoken arpeggio backed up by a visiting vocal sample and mellow beat. It really sets the tone for the light hearted, ethereal track.

One thing that stands out in the track is the harmonized vocal part in the verse. It’s not very ten that we hear harmonized or even stacked vocal parts on a track so it nice to hear a layered vocal part mesh with the chill rhythm section in the verse. The track proceeds to rotate between the vocal driven verse and the drop that consists the same melody but with an alternating rhythm section. The track ends with a similar arpeggiated pattern and vocal samples used in the intro the song.

Ookay and Fox Stevenson Team up to Create “Lighthouse”

Not all collaborations feel like 50/50 partnerships but in the case “Lighthouse”, this collaboration feels like a fair blend influences from both producers. The track displays many the hallmarks that have made both producers well known but also provides the listener with fresh sounds that weren’t expected from either producer. “Lighthouse” is out now on Monstercat and can be found on all the label’s streaming platforms!