On Utopia, Björk lets some light in again after the emotional violence of Vulnicura

Björk has talked new album Utopia as being an airy, light riposte to the bleak sorrow her last release, Vulnicura. But even in her and collaborator Arca’s new, flute and harp-heavy eden, fears and doubts follow the Icelandic icon like the serpent, writes Emily Mackay. “Hope has never been as important,” Björk said last week. “Just to close your… Read More »

Gandhi Ali – Trap Blues

Gandhi Ali is an up and coming artist from the DMV that has been making waves in the indie music scene on the East Coast for some time. Deriving inspiration from legends rap, Ali has released Trap Blues the four track mixtape with no features over industry beats. On Trap Blues, Ali’s first single “Icy”… Read More »

Breeze Barker – Keep Goin

Breeze Barker lets go his new single “Keep It Goin,” produced by Zeek Of The VIPs. This new drop is heating up the streets, kicking f with approval from Coach K himself saying how the track is “crazy and the next club/radioradio play in Virginia”. Breeze Barker has been on his grind for quite some… Read More »

No Women Allowed At Nelly Concert In Saudi Arabia

Country Grammar rapper Nelly is due to perform for a concert in Jeddah on December 14, alongside Algerian singer Cheb Khaled.  But there’s one hiccup—women will not be allowed to view the concert, as it is a male-only event. With hits like “Dilemma,” “Ride Wit Me,” “Hot In Herre,” and “Flap Your Wings,” there’s no… Read More »

Wait ‘Til You Hear Brianna Brochu’s Unbelievable Reason For Systematically Poisoning Jazzy Rowe

Remember the 18-year-old white college student who smeared tampon blood on her black roommate’s belongings because she didn’t want to share a room with her anymore? Her name is Brianna Brochu, she was kicked out the University Hartford once victim Chennel Jazzy Rowe applied pressure by posting Brochu’s crimes online, and now there’s an unbelievable update in… Read More »