Future Prospect : B.A.M. – a Jazz tribute to the sound of our people • Word Is Bond

The newest addition to the Richmond, Virginia music scene, Future Prospect features a septet the area’s finest and youngest musicians. Their music, rooted in the jazz tradition, is fused and intertwined with funk, R&B and hip hop, creating a balanced blend flavor, high energy, and soulfulness that doubles as a complement each individual musician. With… Read More »

Nicki Minaj Slams Designers for Lack of Diversity at NYFW: ‘Designers Get Really Big Off Our Culture’

Nicki Minaj slayed New York Fashion Week over the weekend with her performance at Phillipp Plein’s Spring/Summer ‘18 fashion show. During her performance, the Queen Barbz slammed fashion designers for their lack diversity on their runways. However, she gave props to Phillipp Plein for being culturally inclusive with his clothing line. “Thank you, Philipp Plein,… Read More »

Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ Aimed for Stadium Status and Solidified His Legend

Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam “I like to sell as many albums as possible, but more than that, I like as many people to hear the songs as possible…” That’s what Kanye West told Rolling Stone in November 2007, two months after his critically-acclaimed third album Graduation set the record for the largest week any album digitally downloaded. Kanye was in an amazing… Read More »

A Potential Return of TomorrowWorld Might be in the Cards per LiveStyle Website Updates

After a massively devastating third run in 2015, TomorrowWorld bid adieu to us all. Marred by terrible weather conditions coupled by poor planning, a ton the “people tomorrow” were left stranded enroute and on the back from its Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia home. Paired with SFX filing for bankruptcy, it wasn’t long before Tomorrowland’s North American… Read More »