Logic Says He’s “Arguably” the Biggest Rapper from the DMV Article

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Logic was asked by writer Al Shipley about his rise to fame, specifically, coming from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and how moving to Southern California has affected his career. Logic answers Shipley's question honestly, revealing that he wasn't initially accepted by his own backyard, before unsolicitedly yet respectfully anointing himself as the biggest rapper from the… Read More »

The Dharma of Dope: A Brief History of Eastern Thought in Hip-Hop Article

The levels symbolism water carry in its fluid nature are just as infinite as the droplets that together create the ocean. Water is the ultimate metaphor; a formless, borderless substance that in its simplicity allows the creation all life’s complexities. In much the same way, hip-hop has, over the generations, become a swirling miasma diverse contributors,… Read More »