The Votes Are In & The Fans Have Decided, This Is The Best Track Of The Summer

On Monday, we asked our lovely followers on Twitter what they believed to be the biggest EDM song of the summer. With 24 hours under our belts and nearly 900 votes tallied, we can now accurately determine the preferences of our subscribers. What's the biggest EDM song of the summer?READ MORE: — Your EDM (@YourEDM)… Read More »

Moonrise Festival Attendees Are Pissed After Reportedly Being Extorted By Security

Music festivals are places where folks go to relax, unwind, get loose, and enjoy themselves, that’s no secret. Festival security is a necessary part of the deal, and the people manning checkpoints and making rounds have everyone’s best interest in mind, and at some events they’ll actually get to enjoy the music for themselves once… Read More »

Major Lazer & Justin Bieber's Hit Gets A Crazy Future Bass Remix From An Unexpected Source

Major Lazer & Justin Bieber’s “Cold Water” has been out for almost three weeks now, and unlike most high profile tracks that get released, we haven’t seen the usual influx of bootlegs and remixes that we normally see. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t a few floating around. Afrojack played out this future bass… Read More »