Future Prospect : B.A.M. – a Jazz tribute to the sound of our people • Word Is Bond

The newest addition to the Richmond, Virginia music scene, Future Prospect features a septet the area’s finest and youngest musicians. Their music, rooted in the jazz tradition, is fused and intertwined with funk, R&B and hip hop, creating a balanced blend flavor, high energy, and soulfulness that doubles as a complement each individual musician. With… Read More »

Rock gets personal on "Rockness A.P." single • Word Is Bond

  Rock‘s newest single “Rockness A.P.” takes a whole different course from his previous releases as he talks about his career. As a fan, I ten wondered why he never did drop a solo project despite having the spotlight many years ago. Everything and anything you ever wondered about Rock’s music trajectory was answered on “Rockness A.P.”… Read More »