4 Things To Keep In Mind When Negotiating a Performance Agreement in North America

Jatin Shory, a legal expert from Canada, has spent the last few years studying the legal landscape behind the music and live performance space. Through his experiences working in various start-up environments in the industry, he has become versed in the field live performance agreements and their impact on strategies for executing live performance tours… Read More »

Aphex Twin Creates New Online Store Featuring His Entire Library and Tons of Unreleased Tracks

Richard D. James, otherwise known as the musical madman, Aphex Twin, has never been known to play by the rules. After decades non-traditional releases featuring scavenger hunts, dark-web postings, robots, and more, Aphex Twin decided to go easy on us. He launched a brand-new online store with all his releases plus hours unreleased tracks. In… Read More »

Why the Loss of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington is Not Just Another Celebrity Passing

“Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple.Sometimes Goodbye’s the only way…And the sun will set for youThe sun will set for you” Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Chester Bennington. Words cannot describe the broken heart I have for someone who has helped me through my adolescence. I never knew the man personally, but Chester and the rest Linkin… Read More »