Guy-Manuel of Daft Punk Produces New Song for Artist Charlotte Gainsbourg

Despite their enormous influence on dance music, Daft Punk have remained elusive in their creative endeavors. From soundtracks to surprise collaborations, the robots have had their fingerprints on projects that their die hard fans would have never expected. Since the release Random Access Memories in 2013, fans have been clamoring for new tracks or a… Read More »

World’s Largest Youtube Ripping Site Agrees to Shut Down, the world’s largest stream-ripping service, has agreed to shut down following a massive lawsuit from labels UMG, Sony and Warner Bros. The Recording Industry Association America (RIAA) sued the site and its owner, Philip Matesanz, through California’s court system around a year ago. Youtube-mp3 allowed users to input a YouTube url and output an… Read More »

SXM Festival Starts Fund to Help St. Martin After Hurricane Irma

This summer’s storms have been some the most devastating natural disasters in years. Just days after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, another massive hurricane struck the Caribbean and the surrounding area. It has been reported that the infrastructure the island has been devastated and there is no electricity, water, or radio communications. SXM Festival generously decided… Read More »