Justin Pak – Like This EP

Hailing from New York City, House Producer Justin Pak has recently released his new EP. The EP, titled “Like This” contains two original tracks, “Like This” and “Come On”, as well as a remix of each. Both originals have an outstanding House sound and a great overall tempo to get you groovin’. Personally, I’m a… Read More »

Bassnectar's Next Album 'Unlimited' To Be Released on June 3rd

Bassnectar has left quite the impression in dance music history. With more than 11 albums, Bassnectar continues to push the boundaries with his live shows, visual mapping and music productions. With Bassnectar’s debut music festival scheduled for July 29th and 30th, Bassnectar plans to take the music festival scene by storm with his eclectic lineup… Read More »

EDC Las Vegas Announces Vape Village – EDMTunes

Ever tried to innocently bring your vaping gear into a festival and been turned away or forced to leave your extra juice at the gate? Many festivals, such as HARD Fest, have concerns over people smuggling other illicit substances in these containers disguised as e-juice, and have all together banned the use of vaporizers. This obviously… Read More »

Michael Brun x The Ready Set – Good Enough

Last week Michael Brun and The Ready Set came together for a new collaborative single called “Good Enough” and it’s a summer soaked, feel good bouncy house original. Brun has proved himself to be a successful producer and musician the past year in the EDM market, while singer / songwriter The Ready Set is a… Read More »

Manila Killa – Youth (Feat. Satica) – EDMTunes

Manila Killa – Youth (Feat. Satica) 2015 saw Manila Killa drop a slew of stellar remixes, as he delivered brilliant reworkings of tracks such as Bearson’s “Pink Medicine,” The M Machine’s “Don’t Speak” and Dawn Golden’s “All I Want.” However, he has started the new year off with his first original work, debuting both the… Read More »

Sebastian Furrer Of Cazzette Explains Decision To Step Away From The Spotlight – EDMTunes

Recently, we reported that Swedish duo Cazzette would proceed as a solo act. However, Sebastian Furrer, one half of the duo, penned a lengthy heartfelt message to fans explaining the nature of his role with Cazzette going forth. Furrer announced that, like his friend Avicii, he would no longer be touring, instead stepping out of the… Read More »

Manila Killa – Youth (Feat. Satica)

Moving Castle and Manila Killa are two of the most popular underground soundcloud powerhouses of the past couple of years. One being a collective / record label and the other (Manila Killa) being the label owner, they are different but they’ve both continued to grow on a weekly if not daily basis and why is… Read More »

Skrillex & Bieber Might Have To Say "Sorry" To White Hinderland – EDMTunes

In this day and age, creativity has been stifled by silly copyright infringement lawsuits. Most are illegitimate and difficult to prove, but indie artist White Hinderland is pursuing said action against Skrillex, Justin Bieber and their track “Sorry”. TMZ is initially reporting, that while access to the court documents have been hard to come by,… Read More »

Universal Music Group Purchases Fame House from SFX – EDMTunes

Finally the pieces of SFX‘s hulking corpse are beginning to be auctioned off. After Beatport drew attention for being pulled off the auction block, Fame House has been sold to Universal Music Group. Fame House is a digital marketing agency that offers digital as well as social media marketing for artists like Tiesto and Pretty… Read More »