Forbes: Tidal Could Be The Asset That Makes Jay Z A Billionaire

 Tidal has faced some hurdles since Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and other artist-owners relaunched the service in March 2015. The initial public response to the streaming platform was negative, there was significant turnover at the executive level, and an overwhelming majority music industry executives believed the service would not last a year. Two years later, Forbes suggests… Read More »

If Star Wars Characters Listened to Dance Music, This is What They'd Jam to

Instead watching the movies for the thousandth time and listening to the soundtrack on repeat, we decided to do something a little different for May the Fourth! To celebrate literally everyone’s favorite movie franchise we decided to explore what EDM songs our favorite Star Wars characters would listen to. We looked at our favorite character… Read More »

Happy Birthday, Pharrell!

Mauricio Santana, Getty s Pharrell Williams is a full-blown superstar. But before “Happy,” and The Voice and Despicable Me and his work with Daft Punk, Pharrell was (and still is) known as one music’s greatest producers. And although he still doesn’t look like it, he turns 44 today (April 5). Even at his most hip-hop, Pharrell is still… Read More »