Apathy & O.C. (feat. Jus Cuz) – "Globetrotters"  • Word Is Bond

Apathy and O.C.’s latest single “Globetrotters” take the listener into the duo’s life on the road experience. While their previous singles exhibited their verbal priciency over raw banging beats, ” Globetrotters” instead takes a more relaxed/mellow approach as both emcees give us some insight into what goes on when they leave their homestead to a foreign… Read More »

adidas Deerupt Runner

adidas The runner seems to be adidas’ sweet spot, and they seem to be running the game when it comes to the low vamp silhouettes. The latest look in the arsenal is the adidas Deerupt Runner which has a very interesting look to say the least. The adidas Deerupt Runner is a meshed out model… Read More »