Historically Black Church In North Carolina Endorses Donald Trump

A historically Black church in Charlotte, North Carolina is endorsing Donald Trump. The reason why?—they aren’t feeling Hillary Clinton and want to give the new guy a chance, basically.  Reports WSOC: Church members at Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries held a town hall Sunday with headliners such as Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and former… Read More »

Happy Birthday, Sir Mix-A-Lot!

Vivien Killilea, Getty s One-hit wonders are ten frowned upon in hip-hop, a genre whose artists tend to have a short-lived careers. However, sometimes those hits transcend stigmas and stay ubiquitous even decades after their release. Sir Mix-A-Lot has that fortune. The rapper born Anthony Ray turns 53 years old today (Aug. 12). And unbeknownst to… Read More »

New Balance Horween Leather Pack

Rise New Balance is breaking out the best materials possible for this latest set looks, and while they feel a bit ahead their time seasonally, they may be worth copping and stashing until the temp drops. The Horween Leather Pack is a smooth sneaker set that will turn a glance into love at first sight.… Read More »

20 Underrated Rap Albums You Need in Your Collection

Over the better part the last four decades, an innumerable amount rap albums have been released. During the genre’s humble beginnings, most these albums were products rappers from the East Coast — New York, in particular. But throughout the ’80s, the locales changed and became more widespread, with MCs as fas as the West Coast… Read More »

The 25 Greatest Rap Albums of 1996

1996 was a monumental year for hip-hop. The genre’s crossover momentum had been building for a decade and in 1996, it hit an undeniable peak. Rappers had slowly and steadily become less wary embracing R&B and by 1996, the resistance that many rappers had shown towards R&B sounds in the early 90s had given way… Read More »