Happy Birthday, KRS-One!

Astrid Stawiarz, Getty s When you’ve been in the game as long as the hip-hop greats, you become somewhat a curmudgeon. Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Rakim could be considered two examples. However, when you’ve contributed to the culture as much as those two have, you kind have the right to. KRS-One, who’s particularly reclusive,… Read More »

#SoGoneChallenge: Here Are The Best “So Gone” Rap Bars On The Web

By now, the #SoGoneChallenge has crossed most social media airwaves with mostly positive and even comical results featuring folks fering their take on R&B starlet Monica‘s smash 2003 “So Gone” hit. Hip-Hop Wired has been paying attention to some the rap remixes that have surfaced and we’ve compiled the best the bunch. Chance The Rapper’s… Read More »

#BlackExcellence: Florence “Flo Jo” Griffith-Joyner

Between the divisive partisan politics the current election cycle and the downward spiral the 24-hour news cycle, narratives shining a light on excellence are in short supply. The 17-days international goodwill nurtured by the Olympic games in Rio are in desperate need. Granted, the current situation in Brazil has produced some less than encouraging headlines.… Read More »

5 Innocent Activities That Get Black Men Shot & Killed

It’s hard out here for a Black man. History has proven that there are a plethora innocuous activities that our melanin-deficient brothers, and sisters, can go about doing on a daily basis, but thanks to racism, bias and heathens with badges (or even wannabes), can lead to the death Black people.  Hyperbolic, overreactive thinking? Nope. Here are just… Read More »