Someone Tested 25,700 Ecstasy Pills at Festivals Around the World. Here Are the Results.

You have no idea what you’re putting in your mouth. In the past eighteen years, the United States has seen a 763% increase in psychostimulant-related deaths. Analyzing 25,700 MDMA reports from around the world, American Addiction Centers found a shocking fact. As summer concerts near, the strength ecstasy has increased fivefold in the past few… Read More »

Solange Deletes Twitter Account After Blasting White Supremacists: ‘F— Nazis, F— Your Stale Ass Bland Ass Monuments’

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty s Solange announced that she’s deleting her popular Twitter account but before she did, she let folks know exactly what she thinks about the state utter turmoil the country finds itself in after President Donald Trump refused to condemn Nazi white supremacists who ran over a crowd people Isis-style, killing one person,… Read More »

New Study Determines The Rappers With The Most Endorsements & Investments

Over the last few years, numerous research projects centered around Hip Hop artists and their lyrics were released. There have been studies to determine the most mentioned fashion brands in rap songs, the most mentioned car brands in rap songs, the educational level rap songs, the most prane musicians, and which emcees have the largest vocabularies. Instead looking… Read More »

Get familiar with Claire Renee's soulful offering "Yes You Are" and EP Stream. • Word Is Bond

Multi talented soul singer Claire Renee delivers a smooth, enthralling single “Yes You Are” which is f her recently released Let Me Glo EP. The single is an affirmative stand on beign true to oneself despite what others may think and otherwise. Backed by a warm, lush soulful backdrop, Claire’s eternal message sails effortlessly from… Read More »