Level Up: Horror master John Carpenter on his 20-year Sonic The Hedgehog addiction

Level Up is our new series where we speak to musicians about their favorite video games. Next up, legendary horror maestro John Carpenter recalls how the frustrating-but-addictive Sonic the Hedgehog inspired a twilight career in music. There are few auteurs as deserving the title “Master Horror” as John Carpenter. The 69-year-old director, writer, composer, editor… Read More »

Forever 21 Gets Slapped With A Lawsuit For Copying Rihanna’s “Fenty” Footwear

Forever 21 is known for creating affordable, accessible versions popular high end designs, but Puma certainly isn’t going to let them get away with it. Puma is suing Forever 21 in federal court, accusing the company selling copycat versions shoes from Rihanna’s “Fenty” label with the brand. According to TMZ, Forever 21 has copied 3… Read More »

Lady Sanity aims to find "Role Models" in everyday people • Word Is Bond

Birmingham MC, Lady Sanity‘s newest single “Role Models” is a tour de force that centers on the various unrealistic constructs built by the music industry. An industry that ten times put artists on a pseudo pedestal for young impressionable kids to emulate much to their detriment. The song produced by  Chisomo Thipa, has this cinematic feel… Read More »

Datta Boy drops new video for "A Wave Of My Own" (Prod & Feat. Ronny Bueller ) • Word Is Bond

Datta Boy delivers a summery, sun drenched single “A Wave Of My Own” alongside producer/singer Ronny Bueller. The chilled beach vibes the single sees Datta Boy in his true form, somewhat playful and jol with some inspirational tones to match. The song in may ways is all about artistic, personal freedom from things that may be… Read More »