LaTavia Roberson on Post-Destiny’s Child Journey: ‘I’m Grateful to Be a Part of the Legacy’

Paras Griffin, Getty s It’s been 20 years since LaTa Roberson was dismissed from Destiny’s Child. But don’t hold a pity party for her. The singer-actress have paved her own path and is currently working on various projects. The 35-year-old is writing a memoir, titled I Am LaTa, and producing a docuseries to go along… Read More »

‘Power’ Season 4 Finale Recap

STARZ The past 11 weeks have been rough. First, Power fans turned their backs on Angela Valdez (if they weren’t there already) and watched as she tirelessly worked to keep James St. Patrick behind bars while her team made sure he faced the death penalty – for a crime he actually didn’t commit. Then, they… Read More »

Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ 30 Years Later: The Birth of Arena Pop and Multimedia Megastardom

Epic/Sony How does one follow the biggest album all time? That was the conundrum that Michael Jackson faced in the mid-1980s. His 1982 album Thriller was a blockbuster—maybe the first album that truly deserved that distinction. It was a cultural and commercial force, spawning seven singles that reached the top 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and… Read More »