Circuit Des Yeux's new album Reaching For Indigo is discreetly personal and universally relatable

Reaching for Indigo, Haley Fohr’s fifth album as Circuit Des Yeux, explores an undisclosed autobiographical experience, but invites its audience to project themselves into the picture. April Clare Welsh cracks exactly how Fohr used language to be both discreetly personal and universally relatable. Reaching for Indigo, the new album from Haley Fohr’s Circuit Des Yeux project,… Read More »

Why XL's Smerz ditched classical training for field recordings and footwork

Norway’s Smerz have been generating attention for their genre-melding, enigmatic sound. Steph Kretowicz talked to the duo about their unique inspirations and singular sources for field recordings, as well as their upcoming EP, Have Fun. Smerz give a good first impression. Their footwork, R&B and techno inspired work is presented with effortless style, but has… Read More »

Berlin club disrupter Ziúr searches for meaning in the universe

FACT Rated is our series digging into the sounds and stories the most vital breaking artists around right now. This week, Caroline Whiteley finds out how Peaches-endorsed Berlin producer Ziúr went from chopping up Rihanna and Justin Bieber hits to asking grand philosophical questions our chaotic planet on her impressive recent debut album, U Feel Anything?… Read More »

Mica Levi announces vinyl release of anime soundtrack Delete Beach

Hear ‘Interlude 2’ from the acclaimed composer’s latest soundtrack. Mica Levi has announced a vinyl release for her soundtrack to the anime Delete Beach on Demdike Stare’s label DDS. Directed by Phil Collins and illustrated by famed designer Marisuke Eguchi, Delete Beach is a short film that explores a world where carbon-based energy is outlawed.… Read More »

Blade Runner 2049: How Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch followed up the most influential sci-fi score of all time

Following up Vangelis’s iconic Blade Runner score was never going to be easy, and that task eventually fell to Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and It’s Benjamin Wallfisch. Claire Lobenfeld sat down with the duo at Zimmer’s Santa Monica recording studio to explore the influences and processes behind the year’s most eagerly-anticipated soundtrack. Hans Zimmer was… Read More »